Briccy's Coffee

Your Neighborhood Fix

About 20 years ago, I shared lunch with a dear friend at a hole-in-the-wall café in Arvada, Colorado. It was a comfortable experience that I enjoyed very much. I guessed there was seating for about 40 customers. It was not necessarily the neatest store, but the ambiance was wonderful. As I sat there looking around, I saw coffee and tea served with many different types of pastries, various sandwiches and ice cream.

My mind began to wander about all the food choices that could be served and then the pies and ice creams for dessert. I thought at that time, that I would enjoy having my own café. So began my odyssey!

To keep track of my ideas in those pre-electronic PDA days, I used a suction cup note pad that was fastened to the windshield of my car. For a few months, I would write down menu items of what I would like to serve. Then, one day, the name for the café popped out—Briccy’s.

Briccys stands for Beverages, Bagels, Refreshments, Rolls, Ice cream, Iced drinks, Coffee, Cake, Candy, Cookies, Yogurt, Sandwiches, and smoothies.

Twenty years later and an IT Project manager career in the past,  Briccy’s Coffee came into view once again.

Now, you as our customer get to enjoy the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and touch of Briccy’s Coffee that has been created just for you. We hope it will offer the comfort and ambiance desired and much like I experienced so long ago.

P.S. Briccy's is pronounced with a short (i) in brick

Ray Guth, owner